Recent Publications

Griffin BA, Schuler MS, Stone EM, Patrick SW, Stein BD, Nascimento de Lima P, Griswold M, Scherling A, Stuart EA. (2023). Identifying optimal methods for addressing confounding bias when estimating the effects of state-level policies. Epidemiology. 

Bicket MC, Stone EM, McGinty EE. (2023). Use of cannabis and other pain treatments among adults with chronic pain in US states with medical cannabis programs. JAMA Network Open. 

Stone EM, Tormohlen KN, McCourt AD, Schmid I, Stuart EA, Davis CS, Bicket MC, McGinty EE. (2022). Association between state opioid prescribing cap laws and receipt of opioid prescriptions among children and adolescents. JAMA Health Forum.

Ward JA, Stone EM, Mui P, Resnick B. (2022). Pandemic-related workplace violence and its impact on US public health officials, March 2020 – January 2021. American Journal of Public Health.

Stone EM, Kennedy-Henricks A, Barry CL, Bachhuber MA, McGinty EE. (2021). The role of stigma in U.S. primary care physicians’ treatment of opioid use disorder. Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

A complete list of publications is available here